Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Captain Mark Phillips and Lauren Hough Exclusive Pictures

Lauren Hough goes Public on her relationship with Captain Mark Phillips and says that it coming out was " inevitable" ...

Lauren Hough and  Captain Mark Phillips
Pictures copyright; Equinus International

    As the couple now come under massive media scrutiny we wonder whether the American Jumping star can maintain her coaching roll with the US Eventing team. As assistant to Mark Phillips, calls for his resignation rise prior to the 2012 Olympics in London, Lauren may bare the brunt of the media onslaught when it comes to her own sporting achievements.

Lauren Hough and Mark Phillips congratulate Phillip Dutton and family after his dressage test on Fernhill Eagle. Pictures by Equinus International

Just one week ago the couple worked alongside each other at the premier Rolex three day Eventing competition in Kentucky, coaching the US Eventing team where they enjoyed the support of  members like Phillip Dutton and Marilyn Little-Meredith..
Lauren Hough and Marilyn Little-Meredith enjoying the Rolex
Pictures by Equinus International 

Pictures of the couple and their team mates show just how relaxed the couple were whilst the public watched them carry out their duties in a professional manner for the whole week's program. Lauren's position as assistant coach will probably be the first casualty as the sports US governing body try to deal with the effects of the relationship going public. 

Calls for Mark's resignation all seem a bit ridiculous at this point for 2 reasons. The couple have carried out their duties with no public criticism to this point as to their performance. Secondly, there really is no conflict of interest in the situation and morally they are just another couple who met and share a working and personal relationship in the equine industry along with many others. However, the massive amount of media attention may overshadow the work they do and make the situation impossible or at best extremely difficult. Mark is due to end his term as Chef d'Equip with the US Eventing team in 2013.

Conversely, the whole affair could be a much needed publicity shot in the arm for U.S. Eventing generally and raise public interest in the run up to the Olympics. We for one hope that the situation doesn't put too much strain on the couple especially with Lauren competing at such a high level and a busy schedule ahead.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Equinus International..New USA and European Equestrian magazine launch.

It has been announced that a new Equestrian magazine is due to be unveiled this summer in the USA and Europe. Equinus International will focus on FEI disciplines of Showjumping, Reining, 3 Day Eventing and Dressage. The prestigious publication is a totally new format in terms of size, orientation and perspective... Whilst only a few industry insiders have seen the prototype, it has already been called "A fresh departure from what exists and very different".
Currently the public have been able to see teaser photography via the magazine's facebook page; http://www.facebook.com/pages/Equinus-International/276865409048771

The new format offers high quality photography from the main arena and behind the scenes, it has also been revealed that "Lifestyle" portrayals and training facility features have been created at some of the best private facilities in the World... 

So far top riders from the showjumping world have been featured in photographs which include; Laura Kraut, Richard Spooner, Lauren Hough, Kent Farrington, Beezie madden, Cian O'Connor, Kate Levy, Connor Swail, Reed Kessler, Andrew Bourns, Ashlee Bond, Nick Skelton, Lauren TIsbo, Ian Millar, Cathrine Pasmore, Kevin Babington, Marie Hecart, Paul O'Shea and Daniel Bluman amongst others....


Quick to benefit from the strong format a number of industry participants and manufacturers have joined with Equinus to create promotional campaigns. Anticipation for the launch of the publication has been steadily building and inquiries have been pouring in to the companies US HQ. An announcement is expected very soon on the publication date and details of distribution. 
Meanwhile the magazine editors are continuing to create features and articles with some very high profile riders from a number of disciplines....   


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Paul O'Shea wins Wellington $35,000 Puissance

Ireland's Paul O'Shea built the Wellington crowd into a frenzy tonight as he took Victory in Jumping the big "wall" in the prestigious height jumping competition sponsored by Hermes of Paris....  As his fellow international competitors in the elite class were one by one overcome by the wall, Paul O'Shea from Limerick was able to keep his nerve and steady his horse whilst the stadium packed with spectators sat on the edge of their seats. 

The second round jump off had quickly destroyed the rest of the field leaving only Paul and Pablo Barrios to take on the wall at 2.17 Meters. O'Shea's horse aptly named "Primo Level", owned by Michael Hayden of Ireland proved to have a massive heart given that he was one of the smallest entrants in the field. In the final round Pablo's horse "Gustavo Mirabel" refused twice clearly overwhelmed by the job in hand, the crowd drew deep breathes as O'Shea masterfully circled the wall to settle his mount and collect him for the seemingly impossible task ahead. After Pablo's refusals it seemed like it would take a miracle for O'Shea to even get Primo off the ground....

The consummate professional, O'Shea knew that he didn't have to clear the wall but getting over it was not going to be any easy task either. Talking afterwards Paul explained, " I didn't watch Pablo, I kept my focus on Primo during his run, I knew what ever happened I would have my job to do."  Overwhelmed by the reaction of the crowd Paul was instantly mobbed by well wishers and supporters, inundated by requests for pictures and autographs the Limerick man was clearly a bit shocked by all the attention.

Through out the series at Wellington this winter I can't remember any rider being applauded and congratulated  after a performance the way Paul was tonight, a firm favorite with riders and fans alike it took over half an hour for him to be able to leave the arena. The usual post competition press conference had to take place in the arena with Paul as fans cued up to have their pictures taken with him. Michael Hayden said " I'm in no way surprised  at the fans as Paul is an absolute gentleman and a great guy." 

Paul's individual success follows that of his fellow countrymen as they finished second in the prestigious Nations Cup round here only yesterday, as always with a big impact at Wellington, the Irish effect rolls on !!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Skelton Crash's Out in West Palm beach !!!

Team Great Britain show jumper Nick Skelton, crash's out in spectacular style at the Winter Equestrian Festival in Florida !!!

Exclusive pictures by Linda Durocher, media xposure .....

The Wellington "Suncast $25,000 1.50m Championship Jumper classic"

Thrills and spills at West Palm Beach Florida !!!!

Reed Kessler wins the day when super smooth Cian O'Connor suffers a touch of "last jump-itous" and Nick skelton crashes out in spectacular fashion..... 

Kessler won the $25,000 competition in unique style being the only rider in the premier international field to bring home her mount with a stunning clear round...  Talking straight after she beamed  " pacha, (Pacha De Nantuel) her personally owned french 9 yr old gelding was "marvelous". " It was great being the only one to go clear, I wouldn't have fancied being up against the likes of Cian O'Conner and Nick Skelton in a jump off, but I know Pacha was well placed. I had concerns with the Oxer but Pacha is so adjustable and I knew I could rely on him".

Number 1 Irish rider and winter Equestrian Festival leader, Cian O'Connor narrowly missed out on the win in the week that "Horseware Ireland" is the headline sponsor at the premier winter festival attended by most of the worlds top equestrians. 

Ireland in fact lead the festival with riders taking the first 3 positions in the series that runs on until April. The venue in West palm beach is alive with talk of the Irish and their impressive performance. The company staging this spectacular equestrian event is headed up by Michael Stone  (President) and of course hails from the Emerald Isle. With riders, horses and organization expertise coming from Ireland, the small nation on the edge of Europe is once again proving it's worth and hitting well above it's weight with a huge degree of success....

Saturday, December 3, 2011